How do I install Smule on my computer?

In fact, it is one of the most common activities to enjoy with friends and family on weekends

2022-09-29 16:24:00

How do I install Smule on my computer?

How do I install Smule on my computer? Who has not enjoyed the company of their friends in karaoke? In fact, it is one of the most common activities to enjoy with friends and family on weekends. However, you may not be able to share with them due to incompatible schedules due to work or simply due to the pandemic that has affected us all for the past two years.

But now with your smart device and with internet access, you can install an app that allows you to perform your karaoke even with your favorite artists. This software is known as Small and has become very popular among young people and adults.smule audio downloader

Small is one of the most popular karaoke apps in the world, in fact, it currently has over 50 million users who use it at least once a day.

Its main purpose is to provide users with an environment where they can perform their karaoke in a relatively simple way using their mobile devices. Through the headphone microphone, as the app recommends, users can record and share their songs.

Currently, they reproduce more than 20 million songs where the favorite was released in South Korea

It is made by a company that has the same name as the app for platforms iOS and Android. So if you want to enjoy this program through a computer, you will see a series of procedures.

Note: By using the Smule video downloader website, you can easily download all the videos and sounds available on the Smule website and application.

Install Smule on your computer

There is no doubt that Smule is one of the most popular karaoke apps out there right now. However, its tools are only available for mobile devices, so if you want to take advantage of this program from a PC, you will need the help of software.

Step 1: Install Memu Play

To do this, you need to install an Android emulator. On the Internet, you can find more than one software that simulates this system of mobile devices, but it is recommended to play notes.

Its main function is to run applications developed in Android directly on personal computers with the operating system Microsoft Windows. To install it, you need to enter its official website

So, the first method is to download and install it. It has an approximate weight of 437 MB, is completely free, and is available for XP and later operating systems.

Step 2: Enter Google Play

After installing the emulator, you will see that its user interface is practically similar to the screen of a mobile device

You must log in to Google Play with a Gmail account. This step is necessary to access all the programs in the aforementioned store.

Step 3: Find, download and install Smule

You will then search for the Smule app in the Google Play Store as you would any other type of app. Once you find it, you download it and install it later.

After doing this, the Smule icon will appear in the Memu Play interface.

Click on it to launch the app and start enjoying it.

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